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Gizmo Gorilla helps find love

Dear Gizmo Gorilla,
My laptop—my beloved partner and loyal friend—has finally succumbed to the ephemeral nature of its existence. It has started the journey toward its heavenly abode, riding the chariot heralded by many champion race-horses. It is old, and slow, and squeaky.
After this heartbreaking and tragic loss, I've spent many a week crying tears of lost love and poignant nostalgia, ultimately reaching the conclusion this was a brave heroic laptop whose lifeline has run short, and I need to accept the law of nature. It was my trusted companion till our relationship lasted, and now, alas, it was time for it to make a heavenward (dustbin-ward?) journey joyously. And for me, to find a new (and exciting?) partner. You cannot blame a girl for wanting some newness in her life every once in a while, now can you?
Please join me in celebrating the last few months of my memorable techno-savvy soldier made of metal and plastic, peppered with emojis and benevolent with funny videos. 

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