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Paani Bachao, Cutting Mangao

The world is moving toward dangerous territories. People are talking about making basic human rights like water turn into a completely consumer product that one never gets for free. This might already be the case in some European countries but at least in countries like India, we do get water in taps and free plain water restaurants still. Imagine if this were to change?

Scary right? Well, guess what. Water is already very scarce. Water bodies are shrinking along with the changing planet. Recently I was in Europe and I noticed that people seem to know about the upcoming water crisis but they are secured by their economic status so they do not feel the need to do anything yet. When I was in the U.S. after that on work, I realized that most people did not even know about the upcoming global crisis around the shortage of water. So I felt quite proud in the illusion that people in India 'know' about it as well as are 'doing' things about it.

How wrong was I? Very.

I came back…

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